Solar Hot Water

solarthermalSolar Hot Water is surprisingly inexpensive, about one third of a Photovoltaic system. Right now, there are tax rebates and incentives which cover more than half of that cost.

Solar thermal systems operate at a much higher efficiency level than photovoltaic systems. This means that you use less roof space and less equipment to generate the same amount of energy.

Solar hot water systems provide many benefits including: Affordability, reduced impact on the environment, free energy from the sun, an increase in your homes value and most importantly will save you money on your utility and heating expenses annually!

A household solar hot water system typically costs less than $10,000. Most of our customers receive a combination of federal and state funding which covers more than half of the total project cost. This low initial investment allows households to use solar energy even if they cannot afford a photovoltaic system.

The amount of energy a household can offset with these systems is limited by the hot water which that household consumes. Most families spend about 15-20% of their energy budget on domestic hot water and regain their investment in 4-6 years.

If your home uses a radiant heating system, solar thermal technology can be used to offset a portion of that energy usage as well.

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Solar thermal systems require less equipment to harness the same amount of energy. This means that the systems are smaller and take considerably less time to install – many systems can be installed in a single day.
Solar hot water is an excellent first step in a transition to renewable energy sources. It is a low-cost, high-reward financial investment and a sound environmental decision as well.

Solar thermal systems consist of the solar collector, the heat transfer fluid (glycol), a water tank and a pump. Most systems have a backup heating system built in to the tank.
Thermal collectors come in both flat-plate and cylindrical styles. The idea of both is to insulate the glycol from the outdoor temperature while allowing the sun’s light to heat the glycol. The glycol is protected from cold temperatures and the system functions year-round.

The glycol travels from your roof to your solar tank. It coils around the outside of the tank and heats the water. The glycol is then pumped back up to the roof to absorb more energy.

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The price depends on your hot water needs and solar resources. To obtain a cost/reward analysis for your home, please call us at 518-772-2388. Once we talk with you, we can calculate the cost of your system and when you will recover your investment.

When you purchase an Enlighten Power Solutions system, we will walk you through the various grant and tax incentive applications. Our familiarity with these programs will save you time and ensure that you get as much aid as possible.
Our crew will install your system quickly and cleanly. We pay attention to every detail to ensure an efficient and attractive finished product. Our employees are conscious of the site condition and will be sure to leave your property in the condition it was in when they arrived.

Your solar hot water system will provide you with consistent, reliable hot water in your home for a fraction of your current cost. It will be covered by a five-year all-inclusive warranty on the installation and its components.

Call us today at 518-772-2388 or contact us online for a free site assessment and take your first step towards renewable energy.

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