Off-grid Systems

stand_aloneOff-grid systems are most popular in remote locations. Whether it is your home, cabin, camp, workshop, greenhouse or houseboat, an off-grid system can provide electricity for appliances, lights, heat, water pumps and more.

Off-grid Photovoltaic systems require a large deep-cycle battery bank to store energy for use at night. This battery system adds to the cost of installation and requires 15-30 minutes of maintenance each month. Off-grid systems also need to be bigger in order to ensure reliability in the darker winter months.

Because of the extra equipment, these systems are generally more expensive than grid-tied systems. These systems are also not eligible for most incentives and grants. For these reasons, we try to steer our residential customers towards grid-tied systems unless such a system is impractical.

The cost of these systems depends on your energy requirement, solar resources and ease of access. Call us at 518-772-2388 or contact us online for a free site assessment and we will quickly determine your needs and give you an estimate.

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