Grid-tied Solar Electric (Photovoltaics)

grid_tiedPhotovoltaic systems convert sunlight into the AC power you use in your home. The panels can be installed on a suitable roof or mounted to a pole secured in the ground. A grid-tied photovoltaic system is the best way to offset the majority of your energy usage.

Grid-tied Photovoltaics offer a greater return on investment than other renewable energy systems. A typical residential system costs about $30,000. However, most of our customers receive grants and tax incentives which cover up to two-thirds of this initial investment.

These systems will eliminate your electricity bill for more than twenty years. It is even possible to produce more power than your household consumes, in which case the utility company will reimburse you for the excess power.

Grid-tied systems combine the reliability you already enjoy with a no-cost, earth-friendly energy resource. Because you still draw energy from the grid, you never need to worry about running out of electricity. The power your system produces is subtracted from your consumption on your electric bill.

Installing a photovoltaic system is a great way to reduce carbon emissions. Every watt your system produces is one less watt produced by burning fossil fuel. A monitoring system will record your energy production and calculate how many gallons of fuel you have replaced with 100% clean energy.

Photovoltaic panels can be installed on roofs or poles. Pole-mounted systems consistently produce more power than roof-mounted systems because the angle of the panels can be adjusted for optimal performance. The panels produce a DC current. Microinverters convert this to AC power which is metered and subtracted from your bill.


Owning a Photovoltaic system on your property is the ideal arrangement to maximize your investment. You pay for the installation and regain that cost in 6-8 years. After that, all the power you produce is profit, and your system will function for 25 years or more.

If you don’t have a suitable property for an installation, you can lease one on a nearby property. The cost of the host property reduces your return on investment, but allows some flexibility. Leasing is valuable to anyone who rents or plans to move. People with inadequate sunlight or space also prefer this arrangement.

The price will depend on your energy consumption and solar resources. To obtain a cost/reward analysis for your home, please call us at (518) 772 – 2388. Once we talk with you, we can calculate the cost of your system and when you will recover your investment.

When you purchase an Enlighten Power Solutions system, we will walk you through the various grant and tax incentive applications. Our familiarity with these programs will save you time and ensure that you get as much aid as possible.

Our crew will install your system quickly and cleanly. We pay attention to every detail to ensure an efficient and attractive finished product. Our employees are conscious of the site condition and will be sure to leave your property in the condition it was in when they arrived.

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