Commercial Solar Thermal

PhotovoltaicIf your business uses high volumes of hot water, solar thermal technologies can be implemented to reduce your operating expenses. Businesses which benefit the most from solar hot water include:

  • Carwashes and Laundromats
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Factories and Mills
  • Health Clubs, Spas and Gyms
  • Farms
  • Hospitals

Businesses which operate during the day are ideal solar thermal consumers because their energy requirement is lower at night. In a residence, more hot water is used at night, requiring use of the backup water heater and higher energy costs. If your business closes in the evening, a solar thermal system can virtually eliminate your hot water costs.

If your business can benefit from a lower hot water bill, call us at 518 – 772 – 2388 or contact us online for a free site assessment. Our thermal project manager will visit your place of business to assess your needs and resources. We’ll provide a cost/reward analysis and a project plan for your review. Call us now and learn how to take advantage of your solar resources.

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