Vehicle Charging Commercial

Depositphotos_11992075_xsA vehicle charging station will help your business by attracting customers and reducing your energy costs. Solar vehicle charging will also establish your business as a modern, forward-thinking organization.

Business owners understand that it pays to be ahead of the curve. Electric vehicles are in their infancy and growing every year. Imagine standing apart from your competitors a decade from now as the only business in your industry where people can charge their new electric vehicle!

Some businesses are particularly well-suited for these systems: car dealerships and gas stations are obvious. Businesses in the tourism industry, especially in certain locations, are prime candidates as well. No matter what your business, these charging stations will reduce your energy costs like any photovoltaic system.

If your business could benefit from lower energy costs and more customers, call us at 518-772-2388 or contact us online for a free site assessment. Our project manager will outline your options regarding solar energy, give you a cost estimate and project your system’s energy production.

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